Bryan Co. high school students produce and debut ‘A Country Funeral’ film

Published: Apr. 26, 2022 at 8:43 PM EDT
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BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Tuesday was a big night for some students at Bryan County High School.

For the first time ever a student-produced film will debut at the school.

“I’m a basket of butterflies right now,” Joseph Frew-Miller, Instructor said.

Students are debuting the film that they made called A Country Funeral.

A film about family and hidden secrets.

“I’m a little nervous, because I want them to like it, but you can’t really know what people are going to think about it and everybody has their own taste,” Aubri Martin, Student said.

Under the direction of teacher Joseph Frew-Miller students oversaw all parts of the film-making process.

From casting professional actors to editing and sound Miller says he wanted students to take full control of the film.

“They’re going to learn more and they’re going to own the process if I step back. Let them make a mistake and then we talk about that mistake. That way they know how to fix it,” Frew-Miller said.

But for Aubri Martin and some other crew members making a film while starting high school wasn’t an easy feat.

“It was nerve wracking. I was like ‘I’m in a new school, new teachers, new people. How am I going to connect with these people?” Martin said.

Miller says his students were able to handle the challenges of film making.

“They handled it under pressure, they knew when to stop, they began to take ownership of the film. So, all I had to do was sit back and say ‘yeah, I agree. Go ahead,” Frew-Miller said.

Many students including Mason Zipperer say they learned valuable skills in teamwork and determination.

“I’m usually just alone. And I didn’t realize how much I liked being around people. Not even saying anything, but just being around,” Zipperer said.

Lessons learned in filmmaking and also in life.

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