Preserving Richmond Hill history

Preserving Richmond Hill history
Preserving Richmond Hill history
Published: Apr. 29, 2022 at 10:04 AM EDT
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RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - In an area rich in history, so much is documented about the first two centuries of life in the Coastal Empire.

But more recent history, from the last few decades, is being archived as we speak.

A project is underway in Richmond Hill to make sure some of the city’s pioneers share their stories while they’re still here.

“We’ve got a lot of history, well documented history of Revolutionary War, Oglethorpe right on through the Civil War, and Henry Ford era. What the Historical Society is trying to capture is what it was like to live in Richmond Hill from 1970 to present.”

Angus McLeod is collecting history.

“We’ve asked 150 people so far, to give their a personal story.”

Not the kind of history you might learn in school... but the kind you might overhear at the lunch counter... or at the ball field.

“One lady wrote about growing up in the bottom what it was like.”

“One of them is about Miner’s service station; about what it was like in the village.”

People are sharing their stories of growing up in Richmond Hill...

Before two lanes turned to four... Before subdivisions stretched from 95 to the tip of the peninsula.

“I’d like to capture what it was like to live here. When there were 3000 people, not not 33,000 people.”

McLeod says some of stories may be published, but all of them will be stored on the Historical Society’s website.

“A hundred years from now, hopefully somebody would want to know what it was like to live here then.”

“We’re capturing history before it’s gone.”

If you’d like to submit your own history of life in Richmond Hill, you can email it to

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