Hometown Hero: Bill Cathcart

Published: May. 2, 2022 at 6:01 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - There’s a reason WTOC is often referred to as Savannah’s military station, showing strong support for U.S. service members.

And that reason is former general manager Bill Cathcart, who made his respect for the military plainly apparent.

Tim Guidera shows us how this WTOC Hometown Hero is still supporting heroes and still being recognized for everything he does for those who serve.

“I’ve referred to them, those that wear the nation’s uniform, as the very best of America.

Bill Cathcart’s message has not changed.

Only the manner in which he delivers it.

For two decades, the former WTOC general manager ended newscasts with editorial commentary on politics, community issues and current events.

But more often than anything, he used that platform as a way to share his admiration of U.S. service members and encourage viewers to support the military as well.

“It’s a blessing that we have so many here, it’s a blessing that we have them defending the country, and our freedom and it’s just so very, very important to keep that top of mind. So, my role was basically to try to raise awareness so people did not take their presence here for granted,” Bill Cathcart said.

It’s a role he is still serving in an official capacity as this region’s Civilian Aid to the Secretary of the Army.

“It really is a liaison between the secretary of the Army and the community, the folks here, as well as tying in the commanding officers, my role is to try to support and draw more and more awareness to the availability and the function of the five service branches, I’m really committed to do everything I can to help people understand the value of the United States military, what they provide for us, often unseen, but they are there, providing that protecting shield for our nation and our freedoms,” Cathcart said.

Cathcart was honored for his years of support of the military last weekend when the Savannah Technical College Foundation presented him with its opportunity award that is given annually to local community leaders.

This is a reminder of how this WTOC Hometown Hero has wavered in his respect for and promotion of an American in uniform.

“Trying to do it. Just trying to make people not only aware but continue to be supportive and proud of what these great men and women in our military do every day, it’s been about a 25 year journey of just trying to share the feeling that raised up within me, share that with as many people as I can about what a blessing it is to have such a great military defending us and enforcing and providing our liberties,” Cathcart said.

There are roughly 100 Civilian Aids to the Secretary of the Army nationwide.

Cathcart is one of four assigned to Georgia and he oversees the coastal region to include Hunter and Fort Stewart.

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