Thousands attend the 20th annual Doggie Carnival

Published: May. 1, 2022 at 9:12 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The Humane Society’s Doggie Carnival returned Saturday and it was a little bit of a “ruff” day at Forsyth Park.

People brought their four-legged friends to the 20th annual doggie carnival all in an effort to raise funds for Savannah’s Humane Society

“It’s hectic but fun, it’s hectic but fun,” Shirley White, volunteer said.

The dog derby was one of many pooch-friendly activities at the Humane Society’s Doggie Carnival.

The carnival is the organization’s biggest event of the year and returned after being put on pause the past two years over COVID concerns.

But staff with the Humane Society didn’t slow down their number of adoptions.

“Last year we were at a record adoption year. Right now, we have started off kind of slow, but that is a nationwide thing going on with adoptions. But we are still kicking back up and getting animals into great homes,” Nina Schulze, Humane Society Adoptions Manager said.

The event is used as a fundraiser collecting money to maintain the Humane Society’s services.

“Where it would go would be to our medical department and then donations for our food pantry because we utilize our food pantry to help other rescues in the area and the community as well,” Schulze said.

Shirley White is a 7 year volunteer and she says the money for medical care is crucial.

“Watering the dogs, walking the dogs, cleaning up, laundry. Everything in the world that you can think of needs to be done. Typically for a big dog it’s $150, but usually the medical part of it ends up being actually $400 and we have to eat the rest up through donations,” White said.

The Humane Society says thousands of dog lovers come to this event including Susie Schulz who brought her dog Gizmo.

“They get lonely. Dogs just need the company. So, I love it, I love coming out here,” Schulz said.

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