Nearly a year after officer-involved shooting, family of man shot wants the video

Published: May. 6, 2022 at 10:40 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - It’s approaching one year since a Savannah man was killed in an officer-involved shooting and the family is demanding answers from the district attorney’s office.

The GBI finished their investigation last November and turned it over to the DA’s Office.

WTOC spoke with the DA’s Office two days after the shooting and they said after the investigation concludes, they have three months to present the case to a grand jury. Now, six months later, the family of the man who was killed said it’s past time for some answers.

“Why can’t we see the video?” said Maria Scott, Mincey’s Fiancee.

10 months ago, Savannah Police Officer Anthony Canga said in a report that he was told the car Maurice Mincey was in, ran a stop sign.

“Next thing you know, it was a pow pow pow and I just took off,” said Scott.

Mincey was the passenger and he was shot and killed by SPD Officer Thomas Love. Mincey’s fiancée, Maria Scott, saw it and said her family hasn’t been the same since, especially her 4-year-old son.

“He graduates on the 27th. He told his whole class that his dad’s gonna be there. I can’t even answer that...I really can’t answer no question for him,” she said.


-The initial GBI Report released a day after the shooting said Mincey refused to show his hands, stepped out of the car and pointed a gun at officers.

-The agency retracted this statement a few days later saying he didn’t point the gun, but grabbed it after defying orders. He was heading toward another officer when he was shot.

-The redacted narrative from the Savannah Police Department only mentions the incident up until the car was stopped. They said that’s because the case is still under investigation.

Anthony Blake, a friend of the family, said they need the facts because it cost Mincey his life.

“The narrative on whether he raised the gun is the real issue because if he didn’t raise a gun, then the officer overreacted,” said Anthony Blake, a family friend.

Family and friends said they’ve been waiting long enough to get the full story.

“Justice delayed is justice denied,” Blake said.

And they said the DA’s office isn’t following through on their word.

“When they did the press conference, they said they had three months to let us know something,” Scott said.

Blake said he thinks officers were fishing for something wrong in the stop…something he said they do in that area often.

“These task forces sometimes need to be tethered to justice, tethered to mercy, tethered…they are not tethered,” he said.

Mincey’s fiancée said regardless of what happened, she has to raise their son without a father and all they want is the truth.

“Just let us see the body camera so we can be at peace.”

WTOC reached out to the DA’s Office again this afternoon to ask if there are any delays and an update on a timeline for presenting it to a grand jury – all they would say is it’s under review and “These things take time.” They would not expand further.

As for Officer Love, when WTOC checked with SPD back in February, a spokesperson confirmed that he was still employed with the department.

When we reached out to confim his employment status on Friday, we couldn’t get confirmation about where that stands.

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