Hendrix park reopening after tornado in Bryan County

Published: May. 13, 2022 at 10:44 PM EDT
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BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - A long awaited day ahead tomorrow in North Bryan County. Athletes and the community are set to partially reopen a recreation center that was severely damaged in last month’s tornado.

Complete with a movie-style poster, many in north Bryan County are ready for ‘The Return.’

Dr. Samose Mays, the Bryan County Parks and Recreation Director, said, “it’s going to be a day to come together. For the community to come together for a great cause and to help and just get better.”

County crews are now ready to welcome back some game play this weekend at Hendrix Park. This... after much of the park’s facilities were destroyed in last month’s tornado.

Leaving many reeling including former coach and officer Matthew Lynn who spent many years here raising his family.

“Everything that there was a memory of was swooped away in a matter of 4, 5 minutes when the tornado came through here. It caused extreme devastation on a lot of folks but as far as memories, it left the memories but it took everything the memories were attached to.”

And crews who’ve overseen the clean up say the work hasn’t been easy.

“Getting the fields drug, putting up tarps for the dugouts, get field signage removed, doing inspections in the park and getting everything cleaned up.”

But this weekend, the cones are set up to direct crowds as the park will once again host a slew of baseball and softball games.

“It’s just exciting to try and get some type of normalcy back for these kids. Summer time’s coming. There’s not a whole lot to do in north Bryan County. Let’s play some ball,” said Matthew Lynn, the former Hendrix Park coach.

But even though signs of progress emerge... remnants of the the storm’s devastation remain.

Meaning more work will have to be done the basketball facilities and nearby homes in the Park Place neighborhood.

“This is where I learned to be a dad. So we had a lot of memories and we knew they were going to rebuild and build back better. But it’s not going to be the same Hendrix Park that it was.”

Despite the differences, the community is hoping the welcome back will be a home run.

The games start up at 9 tomorrow with a community clean up in the Park Place neighborhood.

As for those players, they’ve had to travel away for games while crews made repairs.

For some of them, this will be the first time they’ll play on their home field all season.

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