Residents in Savannah want officials to move quickly to fix the Tribble Lake

Published: May. 23, 2022 at 10:45 PM EDT

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Fixing a man-made lake on Savannah’s southside is going to cost taxpayers $2.5 million. Tribble Lake has been having issues for years.

Walking into Tribble Lake Park, you might notice something is missing. A sign says “no swimming allowed” but there isn’t even a lake to swim in.

The park was something Rocio Murillo and her daughter always looked forward to visiting but now, not so much.

“Sometimes we don’t want to come here because it looks really sad.”

Now, she said the eyesore and smell of the lake is frustrating, but it’s not a new problem.

There has been damage to the walls of Tribble Lake for years. This is what it looked like 5 months ago before all the water drained out.

Tribble Lake 5 months ago
Tribble Lake 5 months ago(WTOC)

“My little daughter she comes to me and said mom, what happened with the park?” Murillo said.

Months ago, the City of Savannah tried pumping 600 gallons of water into the lake per minute but because of several breaches the levels kept dropping.

Alderman Kurtis Purtee said a previous administration tried to fix it before, but it wasn’t done right.

“I don’t like putting other administrations or other people down, but it wasn’t done correctly. It costs the taxpayers a lot of money $2.5 million this time and whatever the cost was last time to fix it,” said Purtee.

Murillo said wildlife are suffering because of it and the animals left have to find a source of water.

“People are bringing them water because they are here,” Murillo said. “They don’t have the water they used to have.”

Alderman Purtee said experts told the city that wildlife will migrate to water sources.

“Once the water’s back in it, we’re gonna restock it. We’re gonna work with them to restock it and wildlife will find its way back.”

The city is working on this and talking with the Department of Natural Resources, but the Murillo family said they want to see progress sooner than later.

“We can have again the park that used to be,” Murillo said.

Alderman Kurtis Purtee said the $2.5 million will go toward upgrading the lake so it’s sustainable and they don’t have to fix it again.

Right now, they’re at the request for proposal stage. They’re sending it out for groups to bid on the process and once they get feedback, he says repairs will start immediately.

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