Flags for the Fallen returns to Mighty 8th Air Force Museum

In its second year Flags for the Fallen has been expanded to five days
Published: May. 26, 2022 at 3:50 PM EDT
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POOLER, Ga. (WTOC) - Flags for the Fallen returned to the National Museum of the Mighty 8th Air Force for its second year Thursday.

But this time around they’ve expanded it to five days, leading up to Memorial Day.

The display includes 26,000 flags, each representing a member of the Mighty 8th Air Force who lost their life in World War II.

Making sure their names, their sacrifice, is never forgotten.

“They had to sacrifice their lives for the freedom we enjoy today,” said Mighty 8th Veteran John ‘Lucky’ Luckadoo.

Something that means perhaps a little more to those who fought alongside them like Luckadoo.

“I’m not only lucky I’m damn lucky.”

The 100-year-old Veteran, who flew 25 successful missions during the war, is quick to remind us what Memorial Day is really about.

“As you know they refer to us as the greatest generation and try and call us heroes and that’s not accurate. The heroes were the ones who didn’t come home. We were survivors.”

A fellow survivor, 99-year-old Mighty 8th Veteran Gordon Fenwick.

“We think of the buddies we left behind and the ultimate sacrifice they made.”

A sacrifice during the war they hardly had a moment to dwell on.

“Normally when we lost a crew there was no ceremony, there was no funeral, there was no burial, they were gone. All we had was an empty bunk,” explained Luckadoo.

So, on this day as they planted the final two flags in the memorial garden, they remembered.

“I see a lot of faces,” said Luckadoo.

The faces of heroes, friends, loved ones, who never came home.

Faces that have names, names that will never be forgotten.

Again, the National Museum of the Mighty 8th Air Force has five full days of events leading up to Memorial Day.

To see the scheduled events click here.

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