A family in Savannah is returning to their home in Ukraine to help during war

Published: Jun. 1, 2022 at 10:59 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - It’s been about three months since Russian forces invaded Ukraine.

Many people are hearing about the war from TV and social media, but the Edgings are hearing it directly from their family. Some who are even fighting for the country.

“It’s been bombing. My town been bombing...shooting,” said Tanya Edging, from Ukraine.

Edging hasn’t been back to her home in 7 years and it’s been especially hard for her to stay away as her people continue to get killed.

“My heart just pull me to Ukraine. I was supposed to be there.”

So Tanya left her job just as her husband Thomas retired to go back for two months.

“Mindful that we’re going into a hostile situation...you know, it’s not a walk in the park. It’s not a vacation trip. You just count the cost and do what you need to do,” Thomas Edging said.

The Edgings are well aware that they’re going into the unknown, but they think of their immediate family who have watched the country change right before their eyes.

Thomas said: “Something that’s bloodless and it’s been thousands of people civilians and military on both sides.”

“Praying just praying for them,” Tanya said. “Not just for my family, but for soldiers and nation and government and civilian people.”

The family said their people need help.

Thomas said: “It’s just where my heart was.”

So they’re going to focus on helping refugees and orphans in need.

“You can fit everything they own in a 12x12 box and they’re in a system they probably won’t get out of until they age out at 18,” Thomas said.

The Edgings said Ukraine can’t be forgotten and it shouldn’t be forgotten when people are still fighting and dying.

“Don’t forget. It’s so often in life if things don’t touch us in an immediate and personal way, the newness wears off and we get back to routine and go on.”

The family said they will return to Savannah in August after their work in Ukraine is done.

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