Burton woman still rebuilding from Tropical Storm Elsa

Lillie Fields first spoke to WTOC about the damage in July of 2021
Published: Jun. 8, 2022 at 1:59 PM EDT
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Burton, SC (WTOC) - Although Elsa wasn’t at hurricane status when it hit the Lowcountry. But it still left many, like Lillie Fields, picking up the pieces in its wake.

It’s a night Lillie Fields says she’ll never forget.

“All of a sudden it sounded like a train coming through, and boom.”

That boom, part of a tree crashing onto their roof.

“By the grace of God, we made it through it,” says Fields.

While they survived their house nearly didn’t.

Sustaining major roof, ceiling and foundation damage.

“We couldn’t and still can’t afford the repairs that it needed,” Fields says.

But luckily, they got some help, “Beaufort Jasper EOC took over.”

Helping repair her damaged roof, making their home livable once again.

But unfortunately, some scars from that night still remain even a year later.

“We need windows repaired; we need doors repaired,” Fields said.

The damage visible both physically on the house, and emotionally on those who went through the storm.

“I am very nervous because we are back in Hurricane season again and we haven’t gotten over the last one yet,” said Fields.

While they haven’t gotten over it, Lillie says this time around.

“I’m more prepared than ever now.”

And she encourages everyone else, to do the same.

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