Bluffton double amputee flexing inner strength

Freddie Gray has found a home at his gym and a family in the staff
Published: Jun. 15, 2022 at 4:17 PM EDT
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BLUFFTON, SC (WTOC) - Freddie Gray’s gym routine might not blow you away.

“I pull down on 30lbs, fifty times, I also like the row, I do the dumbbells and I also do the stomach thing,” said Gray.

But when you look at the whole picture, it may change your perspective.

“This leg I lost in 2010. This one I lost in 2015.”

Gray lost his left leg due to an infection and his right leg to diabetes, which he’s had since he was a child.

Meaning some days just getting into the gym could be considered a workout.

“It took me two years to learn to walk like this, but, here I am,” said Gray.

While he can certainly stand, and even run on his own two feet, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need help.

“We get his wheelchair out of his car, take it back for him,” said Bluffton Planet Fitness Assistant Manager Chelsea Rice.

Which Gray says staff started doing, “almost immediately, almost immediately.”

A gesture gym manager Ian Edge says, came as second nature.

“I wanted him to feel included and welcomed and I wanted him to have whatever it took to do that.”

Needless to say, Freddie feels right at home.

“It sounds like the folks here aren’t just people that work here,” I asked Freddie.

“No, they’re my friends. They are, they’re my friends I talk to them all the time,” he responded.

Although Freddie would tell you he’s the lucky one in this relationship, gym staff claim they get far more out of it than they put in.

“It’s just truly an inspiration just to see somebody who has gone through something like that and take from it that, ‘I can still be who I want to be,’” said PF Team Member Leslie Pangle.

So, sure, his workout routine may not change your life, but he’s hoping his story just might be the lift you need.

“I hope this can help other people decide that if I can do it anyone can.”

If you’re looking to catch Freddie at the gym he says he’s there about four times a week.

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