Savannah Super Sharks show their spirit!

Published: Jul. 28, 2022 at 9:58 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Inside a cheer gym in Savannah, camaraderie is built.

“I like cheering because it’s fun. I like being with my friends,” said Super Sharks cheerleader Malena Valoze.

The Savannah Super Sharks cheerleading squad is just that - super.

The team is athletes of differing abilities and ages but one thing they all share: their love of cheering.

Some of the Sharks competitive cheerleaders serve as coaches for the squad in their spare time and they say it benefits them just as much as the team.

“I can come in having a bad day and when I see them with a smile, it just makes me feel so much better, and I just love being a coach and a mentor to them, and I love how much they look up to me and it makes me feel great as a person and an athlete,” said Super Sharks cheer coach Emily Wardlaw.

The squad has been around about eight years. They perform a couple of times a year but it’s a way for them to get exercise and be a part of a team.

“They want to grow as an athlete and they don’t want to be told, ‘you can’t do this,’ or ‘you can’t do that,’ they want to be coached and trained just like any other athlete would,” said Wardlaw.

“We don’t treat them differently, because they can just do everything we do, like the stunts and jumps and they can tumble just as well as some other people in the gym... so I’m happy I can be a part of it,” said cheer coach Hayden Morris.

And when they perform, it’s always a hit.

“People cheer for us... LOUD,” said Valoze.

The Super Sharks remind anyone that sees them perform that spirit is less about your physical abilities and more about your attitude.

The Super Sharks are looking for new team members as they prepare to start up their season in September.

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