‘We’ve accepted the assignment’: Remembering Lawrence Bryan IV

Published: Aug. 5, 2022 at 10:57 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Sunday will mark seven years since a man was ambushed and killed in Savannah.

Lawrence Bryan IV was leaving an apartment with his friend when two men killed him and shot his friend.

The case is closed now with Timone Hooper facing life in prison.

“It’s manageable. It never gets better because we always think someone’s missing from our vacation...you know, sitting at the table, watching him do the Fresh Prince Dance when I’m mad at him,” said Linda Wilder-Bryan, Lawrence’s mother.

Everyday is hard for the Wilder-Bryan family, but the days approaching August 7, when he was killed, feel a little different.

“Lawrence Bryan I, Lawrence Bryan II, Lawrence Bryan III, Lawrence Bryan IV and Lawrence Bryan V...my father didn’t last two good years...a healthy man. He died of a broken heart. They don’t understand that when you kill a person that pain goes deep into a family,” said Lawrence Bryan III, Lawrence’s father.

Through the pain, Lawrence Bryan IV’s parents have managed to love in spite of who they lost.

His mother said: “Seven years is biblical. I’ve said for seven years ‘watch God be God’ and this community watched us evolve, watched me grow. When people say I was a mad angry woman. I wasn’t mad. I was upset that people will march in the streets when a police officer kills somebody, but what about our children?”

There have been so many changes in the past seven years of their lives, especially this past year with the Supreme Court upholding a conviction and life sentence for the man who killed their son.

And Linda Wilder-Bryan stepping down as president of the foundation “LB4″ named after her son – now known as the LB3 Foundation after his father, Lawrence Bryan III.

“Doing what we doing is therapy and just like she said, we are in a fraternity that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.”

His parents and community are still saying his name.

“Lawrence was a sacrificial lamb,” Bryan said. “We both feel that way and we’ve accepted the assignment.”

So who he was is never forgotten...

“I want to say this to all the fathers...teach your sons how to love so the streets don’t teach them how to kill.”

The Wilder-Bryan family also announced for the first time that four homes are being built in Savannah Gardens as transitional homes for single mothers.

The name will be the LB4 Village of Love.

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