‘Remember her smile’: Mother of woman killed in Hinesville murder-suicide remembers her daughter

Published: Aug. 8, 2022 at 5:30 PM EDT|Updated: Aug. 8, 2022 at 6:19 PM EDT
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HINESVILLE, Ga. (WTOC) - “I can’t even describe this feeling on the inside. You feel like something that’s missing, like there’s this gaping hole, but at the same time that gaping hole has this pain that you cannot there’s nothing that could make it go away or take it away. It will not stop,” Virginia Wilks said.

It’s been that way for Wilks, ever since her daughter Terrica was murdered. Terrica leaves behind two daughters from a different relationship - one of those daughters has now been diagnosed with panic attacks.

“Her children have never been through anything like this. It has been horrific for the both of them,” Wilks said.

Adding to the grief, is that Wilks says Terrica was 10 and a half weeks pregnant with her husband’s baby. Wilks says she can’t fathom why he did what he did.

“You chase my daughter down like you were running after a wild pack of wolves or a dog or something, and slaughter her carrying your child. Your child.”

Terrica’s coworkers, also grieving her loss. She ran into her workplace for help while she was being chased and Wilks says, they did their best to try to save her.

“They are victims, because they tried to help her the best they could until it got to where they had to run for their own lives. These women are going to have to live the rest of their lives with this.”

Wilks wants Terrica to be remembered not for how she died but how she lived her life.

Remember her smile, and remember her hard work. I don’t think my daugher got four hours of sleep at night because she was just so busy doing something.

Like caring for her two daughters, or completing two degrees as a single, working mother- one to be a funeral director, and one to be a licensed embalmer.

Wilks says it was helping others, in any way she could, that drove Terrica.

“If she had to go without to help someone else, didn’t care who it was, she would. She absolutely would.”

And maybe Terrica’s story can still help someone, Wilks says. She hopes anyone who hears her daughter’s story, will have the strength to leave abusive relationships.

“Love does not hurt. Love does not hurt. I don’t care what you just bought, new car, new furniture, the houses, the money. Run. Your life is way more important.”

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