Nutrition, pay raise key changes as Beaufort County goes back to school

Published: Aug. 9, 2022 at 3:26 PM EDT
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BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Teachers are in schools across Beaufort County getting their classrooms ready for kids to come back, in hopes of the most normal school year of the past few.

“Being back to normal, as “normal” as can be because the last two years with COVID everything has kind of been up in the air,” River Ridge Academy second grade teacher Lauren Borasky said.

Once classrooms are full, the district will return to the same COVID policies they ended last year with, and its leader is ready to start the year.

“The very first thing we’re excited about is having our kids come back to us on August 15,” Superintendent Frank Rodriquez said.

He says there’s two big changes of note, starting in the cafeterias.

“We have a nutrition group that’s going to be providing food services for the school district this year,” Rodriquez said.

Meaning healthier, more nutritious options for students. Rodriguez said the second big change helps out everyone involved, as teachers are getting a salary increase leading to less vacancies.

“Moving from 53rd in the state to possibly the number one position is really important in terms of recruitment and retention of teachers,” Rodriquez said.

This school’s teacher of the year, who’s taught in the county for nearly two decades, says it’s not about the money, but heading into the year it’s nice to have hard work recognized.

“It is a feeling of appreciation as a staff member that our district worked so hard to make us number one in the state. Like ‘hey, you guys are doing a good job and we want to show you that.’”

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