University System of Georgia introduces new college comparison tool

The website allows users to compare all 26 public universities and colleges in the University System (USG).
Published: Aug. 10, 2022 at 5:41 PM EDT
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ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) - The University System of Georgia just rolled out a new one-stop-shop website now available for Georgia parents and students making major college decisions.

It’s called Georgia Degrees Pay. The tool, announced at the August Board of Regents meeting on Tuesday, allows users to compare all 26 public universities and colleges in the University System (USG). Many of the features allow users compare up to two schools at a time - and include categories like cost of attendance, future earnings, and student success rates.

“As one of the best public university systems in the nation, the University System of Georgia is leading the nation in giving students, families and stakeholders in-depth access to data in a centralized, easy to use and transparent fashion,” USG Chancellor Sonny Perdue said in a press release on Tuesday.

Under the cost category, students and their families can find information on each school’s affordability, borrowing and the amount of debt one might take on.

“That tool is going to be great for us,” said Maria Grovner, the school counseling coordinator for Atlanta Public Schools.

The district already uses a personalized tool, based on student’s academic profiles, to better prepare them for college. However, Grovner believes USG’s new tool will enhance the work APS is already doing, especially in terms of understanding college affordability.

“It’s going to help them figure out if there is going to be a potential gap in their college funding and if there is going to be a gap, then we will be able to help them find other scholarships,” Grovner added

Georgia Degrees Pay outlines potential earnings one, five, even ten years after graduation. It also allows users to compare the makeup of each school’s student body and their retention rates.

“I commend the Board of Regents, Chancellor Perdue, and his staff for standing this new asset up, and I look forward to the benefits it will bring to learners across the state who will soon enter our robust workforce,” Gov. Brian Kemp said.

For the best results, USG encourages students and their families to compare schools from the same sector. The tool also includes information about scholarships and online degrees.

If you would like to use the tool, click here.