New house program to encourage students at Metter Middle

Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 4:34 PM EDT
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METTER, Ga. (WTOC) - Kids in Candler County went back to school Friday.

One after another, Metter Middle School students spun the wheel on the first day of school.

“As soon as I saw it was happening, I knew this was going to bring some joy for kids who need it,” 8th grader Carmello Scott said.

The spin helps randomly divide 500 students into four “Houses”. They become a cross section of grade, gender, race, or any other factor to help them make new friends.

Faculty saw this at work on a visit to the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta. They brought it back to Metter, including the addition of an indoor slide.

“If kids are comfortable coming to school, excited about coming to school, they come in ready to learn, instead of being nervous,” principal Will Thigpen said.

House members will collect points for their team with good behavior, good attendance, good grades and more. And yes, it does borrow a little from Harry Potter and Hogwarts.

“Oh, for sure. Houses, sorting, and stuff. We just don’t have the magic.

Faculty say, if it builds a more positive environment at school that’s magic enough.

One of the possible rewards during the year is the chance to go down the slide.

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