Savannah State University students excited for school year with reduced COVID protocols

Published: Aug. 15, 2022 at 4:20 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Classes began for thousands of students at Savannah State University Monday. Students say they’ve been looking forward to this school year with reduced COVID protocols.

The president is excited to welcome students back. They have about 600 freshmen starting college for the first time but this is bitter sweet for seniors here at the tiger den who are preparing for life after putting on that cap and gown.

“Savannah State is the HBCU”

As students are welcomed back to the den at Savannah State, Kelliaun Hall is stepping into her last semester

“I am overly excited for December.”

Like many, she’s a senior graduating at this end of this year. She plans to use her degree in homeland security to help human trafficking victims.

“The courses that I’ve taken so far have prepared me mentally, emotionally and like strategy wise,” Kelliaun Hall, senior said.

A legacy tiger and Savannah native, Hall holds this Historically Black University near to her heart.

“Everybody in my family graduated here, so my mom, my grandparents and I guess continuing the legacy means a lot for us.”

Being a part of a tight knit community is also something senior Toderick Hartzog cherishes.

“Just being able to go to an HBCU and be with my people, it feels like no other.”

“I’m feeling very good about this year.”

Savannah State President Kimberly Ballard-Washington is excited to start this year with fewer COVID protocols.

“We want them to take responsibilities for what they need to do to protect themselves because COVID does still exist and we want to have our campus and our community protected den,” Savannah State President Kimberly Ballard said.

A concern for Hall is the CDC changing quarantine guidelines. The new recommendation is students don’t have to quarantine after being exposed.

“I guess it’s a little shaky, but I guess it also depends on the person. I feel like maybe you should quarantine just in case not to jeopardize anybody else’s health.”

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