Visitors, residents celebrate Labor Day on Hilton Head Island

Published: Sep. 5, 2022 at 3:34 PM EDT
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HILTON HEAD ISLAND, Sc. (WTOC) - People are celebrating Labor Day all over our area today, including on the beaches on Hilton Head Island.

It’s more crowded than it was earlier in the day but still less packed than you might expect for the last big holiday of summer. Some folks came out despite the weather for a bunch of different reasons.

”Labor Day always a beach somewhere. This is our first time to Hilton Head Island in many years,” said Cindy Perfater.

She’s happy to be back with family and friends. To no surprise, that’s a common theme out here.

”We’re here to do like a celebration, it was his birthday and obviously it’s Labor Day so we want to make sure we’re out here having some fun. We’re from East Tennessee so we wanted to come out here and enjoy the beach,” said Justin Karsten and Drew Devoti.

Those guys aren’t letting the weather rain on their parade and neither is this one.

”It’s still better than being inside or anywhere else. Even if it’s raining it’s still the beach,” said Gordon Perfater.

Shore beach service says they’re ready to keep you safe no matter how many other people are out here with you.

”We’ve got lifeguards stationed on the beach, we had a few come in for the weekend from school, so we’re ready for people so just swim near a lifeguard. It’s been a relatively calm weekend. One of the biggest things we usually see is kids getting lost, so the lifeguards spend a lot of time reuniting, but we really didn’t have that this weekend which was kind of nice,” said Mike Wagner, operations manager with Shore Beach Service.

The dog ordinance on the beaches of Hilton Head switches tomorrow so you’ll be able to bring your dog out here during the day on a leash and in the morning or at night. They can roam freely as long as they are trained to respond to your voice.

As daytime celebrations of Labor Day wind down and folks get ready for their night plans to take shape, some spots say the weekend was a little crazy, with crowds coming in nonstop from open till close.

Today, it’s calmed down a bit, but at the Ice Cream Cone they are giving these last few hours of summer business all they’ve got.

”It’s been a fantastic year and it’s the last big weekend so we have one last big push. We had some of the girls come in from college to help work, we were back at full staff for this one last big weekend and then we gear into our kinda offseason,” said Peter Savarese, owner of the Ice Cream Cone.

Pete said on Sunday, specifically, they had a line around the corner that went for about 50 yards.