New health clinic opening for city employees in Statesboro

Published: Sep. 6, 2022 at 4:09 PM EDT
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STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - Hundreds of city employees in Statesboro have a new place for healthcare and new services offered, all to keep them working for you.

City employees say the access to this sort of healthcare is a little like having a Fast Pass at Disney World. They can get in, get seen, and get back to work.

They cut the ribbon on a new site and a new provider for the employee health clinic. Employees say the city’s system beats what they’ve had elsewhere in the past.

“It take a couple of hours, once you’ve scheduled a date where they can see you. When you go in, you’re sitting longer in the waiting room,” said city employee Dakota Perkins.

They’ve contracted with Everside Health to provide a nurse practitioner to see employees. City leaders say Everside will offer health assessments and more, and not just treat illness and injury.

“So that way, their health improves. We want to proactively manage their health, and not just respond when they have episodic health issues,” said Demetrius Bynes, the city H.R. director.

While they’re renting this office short term, they have plans to remodel space next to City Hall and house it there permanently there.

They hope to have the clinic moved next door to city hall by the end of next summer.

City of Statesboro has just over 300 employees.