Bingo is back and booming for new generation at Savannah bar

Moodright’s in Savannah is making bingo fun again
Published: Sep. 12, 2022 at 12:06 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - While many bars may struggle on a Monday, or don’t even bother opening at all.

Moodright’s in Savannah is thriving.

Mainly thanks to Christopher Grimmett, or as he’s also known, “I guess Bingo Master is what people might want to call me. But who knows, I don’t know if there is like an official title.”

For the past three years Christopher has been hosting Bingo night at Moodright’s, and yes, he knows what you’re thinking.

“In most peoples eyes, you know, you think of Bingo and you think of an elder generation getting into it.”

But that’s not Christopher’s Bingo.

“The roller blades came first and I’ve roller bladed every single time I’ve done Bingo,” says Grimmett, “I haven’t fallen while doing Bingo on roller blades yet, knock on wood.”

Even more unique than his trademark footwear, the prizes he hands out.

“In some bingo places you know, it’ll just be cash, you’re playing for cash. Which would be great but we’re working on a limited budget here. It’s just a bar, it’s free to play.”

Which forced Christopher to get creative.

“Once I gave away a samurai sword. Once I gave away a fully articulating human skeleton.”

As for where he finds these prizes.

“I will never give away my sources. People ask me every week where I get my stuff and I won’t tell them. I never reveal my sources and I’m not going to reveal them to you guys either.”

So, maybe it’s prizes, or maybe it’s just Christopher’s energy.

But if you ask him why Bingo night is truly such a hit.

“I mean, it’s the thrill of it. When you’re one or two numbers away and you’ve got that item up there that you really want, and the numbers are getting called. I mean, your heart is pounding. I can’t explain it, it is exhilarating to play. Just come out here, do it, and you’ll realize it’s not just for elementary school kids or retirement homes, Bingo can be for everyone.”

Plus, who doesn’t love winning.

Bingo Night at Moodright’s is every Monday from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. and you may want to get there early.