Online map problems impacting residents in Beaufort Co.

Published: Sep. 12, 2022 at 5:40 PM EDT
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BEAUFORT COUNTY, Sc. (WTOC) - Troubles with some online mapping services like Google maps are affecting day to day life for some residents in Beaufort County.

”There’s people that won’t even send me packages for gifts and stuff like that because they don’t believe the packages will ever get delivered,” said Beaufort resident Lance Silver.

Lance Silver lives here on White Dogwood Road in Beaufort County, but some mapping services don’t recognize that.

”They’re taking that address and converting it to a state road address which do not exist.”

A frustrated Silver explains Google goes off black state road signs like these, and while the road itself is real, the address for his home and all his neighbors, are not. Creating issues in every day life.

”I mean even Pizza Hut delivering to homes around here… many homes they can’t even find.”

From pizza to packages, this address mix up is causing headaches for residents and drivers around Beaufort. It’s affecting local government too, as the county says they’re having Google maps problems as well.

”We have a number of different services around the county that the addresses are wrong on Google maps,” said Beaufort County PIO Christopher Ophardt.

The county says it can cause confusion for EMS systems if the person calling 911 isn’t a resident, and uses the default - non-existent - state road address the internet might give them. The county’s public information officer also explains this issue brings confusion to some public facilities.

I have one boat landing that is in somebody’s back yard and if you try to follow the Google maps it will have you turn into their driveway.”

Because nobody wants that, they’ve looked to get the problem fixed.

”We’ve put in work requests, we’ve tried to sign them up, tried to pull them in and googles bureaucracy is really preventing us from being able to keep these things updated.”

Both the county and Silver are hoping that will change quickly because right now it just ”creates massive amounts of confusion, massive amounts.”