Picker Joe’s the right pick for a new show

The popular Savannah antique mall is filming for a new reality ‘picking’ show
Published: Sep. 13, 2022 at 3:26 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - When it comes to shopping trends it seems antique and vintage are back in style.

One of the best places to find unique items in Savannah is at Picker Joe’s.

“Picker Joe’s is the largest antique mall in Savannah. We have 65 pickers who help source the store. We carry everything from architectural salvage to mid center furniture. Ten thousand square feet, thirty thousand items that change daily,” said Picker Joe’s owner James Plumlee.

For Plumlee however, this wasn’t always the plan.

“I was in the towing and auto repair business for about 15 years with my brother.”

So, when he decided to turn his picking hobby into a full-time business.

“Everyone said, ‘Jim you lost your marbles.’”

While some feared the uncertainty of picking, that’s exactly what drew James to it.

“Nothing is planned, it’s all random. That’s what makes it so much fun,” Plumlee explains.

And it would seem his gamble has certainly paid off.

“It’s grown ever since. I mean, it’s been an amazing, amazing business.”

Maybe that success is due to James love of history, “I call it PFPT or passion for the past,” says Plumlee.

Or maybe it’s his willingness to embrace the uncertainty of picking.

“I guess the neatest part about it is you never know what you’re going to find, where you’re going to go, or who you’re going to meet.”

Like when he went to Indiana and came back with a diner bar.

“A week prior I would have never; this was not anything I had even thought about.” Plumlee explains, “just went out there saw it, it popped in my head and I knew exactly where this would go in my store.”

Now that old bar has been brought back to life helping them serve soda, coffee, ice cream and for customers, “it’s a walk down memory lane.”

Not only are he and his vendors making the right pick for customers, but they’ve even caught the eye of Hollywood.

“We are a rapid prop location team for the film industry,” Plumlee says.

They’ve done so well the cameras are now being turned on them.

“We’re actually working on a show right now called Sky Pickers.”

For James, who also just so happens to be a pilot of 35 years, the show seemed like a perfect fit.

“I wanted to combine my two passions, flying and picking, and so that’s the idea of Sky Pickers.”

James and his crew take to the skies in search of those must have items for movie sets or private collections.

Although his passion for picking has taken him to heights he never dreamed…at the end of the day the view from the ground is what keeps him coming back.

“See the smile on someone’s face that’s the biggest draw for me. When someone can relive their past, those happy memories,” Plumlee said.

Plumlee couldn’t tell WTOC what network ‘Sky Pickers’ will air on but he did say they’ve already finished filming the first episode.