Remembering Reginald Brannan: Savannah police officer killed in off-duty crash

Published: Sep. 18, 2022 at 10:29 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A community coming together to remember a Savannah police officer killed in an off-duty crash.

23-year-old officer Reginald Brannan was killed in a car wreck last month after his car collided with a tractor trailer on Highway 21 in Garden City while he was driving home from work.

The sound of engines filled Daffin Park Sunday as members from Brannan’s car group aimed to help the late officer’s family.

“We just wanted to do something together to show that we really love him and we want to make sure his family is out here. Before Reggie passed, we always had a good time so that’s all we wanted to do today,” Event Organizer Domonik Cooper said.

The group holding a raffle and cookout hoping to raise money to support Brannan’s relatives all by bringing together his car loving community.

“Reggie was crazy, man. He loved the cars, everything about the cars, he loved the cars. He was family oriented, very family oriented,” Cooper said.

Cars were a life-long passion Brannan that started through watching movies his father says.

“He loved Biker Boyz. That was his passion we watched that since he was a little kid and grew up on it over 100 times,” Father Reginald Brannan said.

He says the weeks following his son’s death haven’t been easy.

“It’s up and down. Almost like a roller coaster. You feel, you lost your son, they lost a brother. No words can really give you a description of that.”

But says the group’s support eases his grieving.

“It does help a lot, to see people out loving him, representing him and what he has a passion for. It’s a very good thing.”

Brannan’s father even brought along his son’s car to once again be among those of his fellow group members.

As Brannan’s police community and fellow car-lovers alike come together to remember the officer they say had an impact on many.

“It’s a tough day for all of us. Man, I just want y’all to know that Reggie was a very special person to a lot of people.”