New transportation director hired for Liberty County schools

Published: Sep. 20, 2022 at 3:42 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - School districts across America facing bus driver shortages, and communities in the Coastal Empire are no exception.

Making that situation more difficult for Liberty County Schools, they started this year without a transportation director.

But now, they’ve filled that role and the woman who filled it, is ready to hit the ground running.

Tracee Hill just started as Director of Transportation at Liberty County Schools, but she’s already diving into work- with recruiting bus drivers at the top of her priority list.

“The first 90 days I’ll do a deep dive assessment just to see the layout of the land, just to see where we need to improve immediately and where we have some time to stretch it out and track. Right now, we’re dealing with a driver shortage, which is a nationwide incident we’re going through,” Director of Liberty Co. Transportation Tracee Hill said.

Liberty County Schools has 85 bus routes each day. They currently have around 75 drivers but would like to have 100 on staff.

Some of the drivers they have now are doubling up on routes to make up ground- and in some cases, dealing with misbehaved students.

“I would simply ask parents to make sure they’re talking to their child. Riding the bus is a privilege. I walked four miles to school. It’s a privilege to ride the bus. But we don’t want our drivers to have to deal with- we want them to be safe and not have to worry about unruly children,” Liberty County Superintendent Franklin Perry said.

In the meantime, staff morale is also big priority for Hill. She plans on sitting down and speaking with all her drivers and transportation staff to let them know they have her support.

“Sitting down and listening to what they have to say to come up together with the solution, I think that’s the most important thing for us to do. To listen to each other. To come up with a happy medium for everyone,” Hill said.

There will be two job fairs in the coming days to recruit bus drivers: one tomorrow at Fort Stewart, and one on Saturday at the Liberty County Board of Education office.