Operation Kid Forward helps young girls feel like a princess for a night

Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 11:18 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - 65 young girls across Chatham County had their own prince and a crown tonight.

It was the first ball put on by Operation Kid Forward for these girls who don’t have father figures.

Operation Kid Forward got county leaders, military and first responders to step in and be that for them tonight.

They come in with their dresses and their tiaras to feel like royalty.

“Elsa” is on one of the girl’s minds.

They all got a prince.

“I liked how the man had gave us these flowers and when we came in they was clapping for us,” said one of the girls.

First responders, military and county leaders lined up one by one.

“We’re always looking for the kids to be the future of our country. Sometime later on in life I hope someone takes my position whether it’s a young lady or a young gentleman in this world,” said Chatham County Sheriff John Wilcher.

Him and others stepped in for them Friday night.

“Yeah I feel really beautiful,” a girl said.

It’s not a feeling Operation Kid Forward’s founder Nisha Giustino wants to go away.

“I want these little girls to 10 years from now remember this night and go home and talk about this for weeks to their friends and family and leave feeling beautiful and empowered like a princess,” she said.

Well we asked the girls — do they feel special?

“Yeah, and I just got here.”

It’s safe to say the girls all had different expectations.

“I didn’t picture all these decorations and stuff,” one of them said.

“So they told me it was gonna be free food and it’s gonna be hair stuff from over there.”

Their own personalized princess experience — all of this to show them they are beautiful.

“I barely wear dresses and I think it looks nice.”

And embracing their natural beauty is the true meaning of a princess.

“I had my hair all out and they gave me a lot of compliments because I got a lot of hair”, a girl said. “I really love it.”