Savannah Fire Department responds to residential fire

Published: Oct. 1, 2022 at 4:04 PM EDT
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Four people are without a home after a fire broke out in the 500 block of East Hall Street Saturday afternoon.

Firefighters say they battled heavy smoke and flames at this multi-family home in Savannah.

“My bathroom is messed up, and everything is like, really messed up,” Displace by fire Oscar Garza said.

Garza lives in the building and will have to find another place to sleep tonight as the fire forced him and three others out of their home.

Garza says he heard screaming from his roommates and thought they were arguing…

“But then I see the smoke and I see people knocking the door. So I’m like, ‘the smoke is black so that’s weird.’”

He says firefighters arrived on scene quickly.

“The guy was like, ‘Hey, get out, get out,” because there’s something happening there’s smoke outside. So I went outside and I saw the fire.”

Firefighters say the flames started on a back porch on the second floor and spread in the apartment, through the floor and into a unit below.

“The fire had gotten in between the floors into the attic so they had to cut a hole in the roof to help get access in the vent for the heated gases and smoke,” Savannah Fire William Handy said.

Firefighters were eventually able to put out the flames preventing them spreading even further.

As for what caused the fire...

“We’re going to look into it. We just know it was on the back area, back side of the home so we’re going to look into a little further,” Handy said.

With the flames now put out Garza says he’s not sure how to process what happened.

“I don’t know how to explain it, it’s just weird to me.”

Savannah Fire says no one was injured. The Red Cross will assist those displaced.