Couch Potato Review: Hocus Pocus 2 🎃

Hocus Pocus 2
Hocus Pocus 2(Walt Disney Studios)
Published: Oct. 4, 2022 at 12:37 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A lot of running, “amok, amok, amok!”

Hocus Pocus 2 came out last week on Disney+, 29 years after the original. A few members from the original cast were in the sequel and a lot of new characters were introduced.

A lot has changed in the world since the first one came out, and that includes in Salem. So how does the sequel hold up to the original? Here’s our thoughts on Hocus Pocus 2.

Paige’s Review:

I enjoy the first Hocus Pocus movie, but I’m honestly not one of those people who goes absolutely crazy over it. That said, the sequel did exceed my expectations. And I even liked it a bit more than the original.

With it being so long since the original movie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, and Kathy Najimy still can jump right back into character and looked amazing. I was also happy to see Billy Butcherson return and get a little more backstory in this movie.

None of the children from the original returned, but I enjoyed the new cast. The main cast this time is Cassie, Becca and Izzy. All three are well informed on witchcraft, which is apparently pretty normal in Salem, but makes them perfect to go up against the Sanderson sisters.

There are also a few other additions like Gilbert and the Mayor who make the movie funny. We don’t get to see Binx the cat in this movie, but another black cat named Cobweb makes an appearance and is ready to help defeat the Sanderson sisters.

The sisters were able to come back thanks to Gilbert making a black flame candle and Becca and Izzy unknowingly lighting it. In the end the sisters are sent back, but a scene after the credits shows this may not be the end for them.

My favorite part of the movie was the beginning because you get to see the sisters as young girls in Salem in the 1600′s. There were a lot of funny moments in the movie, like Sarah riding a swiffer and Mary riding two roombas instead of brooms.

If you enjoyed the first movie, I highly recommend the second. It does a good job of bringing the nostalgia from the first movie while making it a brand new story. Also Sarah Jessica Parker is in it, so obviously you can’t go wrong. It is a great way to get in the spooky season mood!

Paige’s score: 🥔🥔🥔🥔 out of 🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔

Nancy’s Review:

I went into watching this movie expecting a cute, Disney Halloween movie and that’s exactly what I got.

The movie begins in Salem where we find the Sanderson Sisters as young girls - in fact, it’s Winifred’s 16th birthday.

The girls who play the younger version of the witches were perfectly cast. From the mannerisms, to the hairstyles, to their voices - seeing the younger versions of the sisters was the highlight of the movie for me.

The movie also showed how they received their spell book which is just referred to as “book” throughout the movie.

Flash forward to present day Salem and the house the Sanderson Sisters once lived in is now… a magic shop. Nothing screams the 20th century more than being able to profit off of history somehow.

The magic show does have a black cat, sadly it’s not the beloved Binx. However, the owner of the shop, Gilbert, is a big fan of the Sanderson Sisters.

A majority of the movie is also set around three best friends: Becca, Izzy, and Cassie.

Gilbert finds a way for Becca and Izzy to bring back the sisters. Once they are back, they are determined to become all powerful.

In order to cast the spell to become all powerful, they must get the blood of their enemy which is a descendent of the town’s present day Mayor. I like how this ties the present and past together throughout the movie.

By the end, like all classic Disney movies, the Sanderson Sisters learn a valuable lesson.

I couldn’t have thought of a better way to kick off the month of October than by watching this movie and being reminded of the fun Hocus Pocus brings to its viewers.

Nancy’s score: 🥔🥔🥔🥔 out of 🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔