Vigil held Wednesday night for missing toddler

Published: Oct. 12, 2022 at 5:25 PM EDT|Updated: Oct. 12, 2022 at 6:22 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A vigil was held Wednesday night at Daffin Park in Savannah for missing 20-month-old Quinton Simon.

Quinton disappeared from his home in Chatham County one week ago.

Around 20 people attended a vigil for Quinton tonight.

Some came just to be surrounded by Quinton’s village while the investigation continues.

Quinton Simon has been missing for a week. He is one years old.

The baby has the eyes of people across the country and a search effort of the FBI along with several law enforcement agencies.

“It’s very hard not to sense foul play especially when the babysitter gets a text at 5:39 in the morning 6:00 was the last time the baby was seen,” said Kay Hunter.

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for most watching and waiting to hear what happened.

“You would have to sedate me to keep me from going outside and begging for help for my child.”

“Seven days I feel like a baby doesn’t vanish into thin air,” said Ashely Brower.

Quinton’s new village of people in Savannah and across the country want answers.

“I’m out here about Quinton.”

Holding their candles and hands, they are doing the only thing they believe they have left. Praying.

For Quinton.

Some like Kay Hunter have a connection they wish they didn’t possibly have to Quinton.

“I was a statistic in the system as a child that slipped through the cracks. That’s why it effects me.”

Hoping that isn’t the case for him.

“I’m still broken but I’m breaking in from a lot of childhood trauma. I’m on a childhood trauma healing journey. I’ve come a long way. I’m 52 today and I thank God for that.”

For this group they know there’s power in prayer and Quinton Simon, wherever he is, needs it right now.

“I keep praying...I pray that he is laying up there in Jesus arms right now not suffering.”

Until they get an answer to where is Quinton? Many will continue praying from where they are as his village until they know he is ok.

Chatham County Police have been analyzing evidence since yesterday. They were back at the home with search dogs and investigators today.

We expect to hear from police tomorrow in person for the first time in a couple of days.