SC Department of Education releases annual report cards

Published: Oct. 27, 2022 at 4:16 PM EDT
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HAMPTON COUNTY, Sc. (WTOC) - There’s a lot of categories and data to look through with the South Carolina Department of Education annual report cards.

As school districts in our area know, these evaluations carry a lot of weight for parents and board members.

“We consider the report card something that is significant for us and we want to have good test scores,” said Superintendent Dr. Ronald Wilcox with the Hampton County School District.

The first category we want to focus on is academic achievement, something one principal describes as the most crucial statistic of the bunch.

The data shows the percent of students at or exceeding grade level in reading, the top half, and math, the bottom half, for all three of our Lowcountry counties.

For both subjects all three districts improved over last year’s numbers, with Beaufort County at 48.7% and 41.6% respectively being the only one to be above state average.

Individual schools are evaluated as well. In Hampton County, two schools came in below average, five at average and, and one as good.

Over in Jasper County, two schools were rated unsatisfactory, one below average, and one average. For the Beaufort County specific breakdown, click here.

There’s another area that educators focus on - graduation rates for all three of our Lowcountry counties.

The state average in this category is 83.8%. Beaufort and Jasper counties both hit 86.2% which means they’re exceeding that number.

Interestingly though, Jasper county is the only district of our three to improve on last year’s results.

The Hampton County Superintendent says the pandemic contributes to those scores and says he’s proud of how his district has improved since getting back to in-person learning.

“Are we happy? No, we’d like to see them do a little better, but they did as well as they could under the circumstances.”