92-year-old elections worker hoping to show importance of voting

Published: Nov. 7, 2022 at 9:16 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - This year’s election is drawing some to the polls for the first time but in Evans County one woman has been a staple in the voting process there for decades.

For Nita Bell Baker Election Day has been important to her for as long as she can remember.

The Claxton native has been working the polls for more than 3 decades well into her golden years.

“I’m 92 years old.”

She says she first became an elections worker after getting a call some 30 years ago from the Evans County probate judge.

“He asked me if I would like to work, or would I be able to work at the polls, and I told him, ‘Yes, I’d be glad to,” Elections Worker Nita Bell said.

Ever since she’s been helping to run elections and while it may seem surprising for someone her age to still be staffing the polls.

“Some of them don’t believe how old I am because I’m still working, I guess.”

Baker says she sees no reason to stop.

“I get to see all my neighbors and people I haven’t seen in a long time.”

Baker’s worked in just about every job possible for an election’s worker.

But her current role is her favorite.

“This is the best one now because I don’t do nothing much. It’s like I’m just sitting and visiting. I just pick up the cards and pins put them in place and give them one of the ‘I Voted’ peaches, and that’s all I do.”

“For many years, she managed one of my precincts on the edge of town. So, she’s been poll manager, she’s very dedicated, and I’m so happy to have had her working for me for over 30 years,” Evans County Elections Superintendent Judge Darin McCoy said.

Baker says the job gives her a sense of purpose by encouraging others to carry out their civic duty.

“I know a lot of people. They like to talk, I like to talk and any time I can bring something in that I know will help the community, I try to rely on that.”

And she offers one piece of advice for those heading to the polls.

“Study the ballot. Just don’t go in there and check it out. Try to know what they’re doing and who they feel is best for that particular job.”

A 92-year-old elections worker hoping to show the importance of voting no matter your age.

Baker says she’s excited for Tuesday’s election and expects it to be a busy one. She says she’ll continue to work at the polls for as she’s allowed to.