Lowcountry election officials discuss results of midterm elections; HHI mayor likely going to runoff

Published: Nov. 9, 2022 at 3:38 PM EST
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BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - When you combine the turnout from early voting and election day in Beaufort County, about 52.3% of registered voters cast a ballot this year.

That’s turnout numbers better than the state average in midterms for every midterm going back to 2002, but in Beaufort County it’s 6% less than we saw in 2018.

“For a midterm election that’s not bad. Like I said we had a lot of people interested in voting in the midterm election so 52% is good,” said Marie Smalls, the director of Board of Voter Registration and Elections in Beaufort County.

She says there were a few challenges throughout the day but nothing major enough to derail the success of the process.

“Overall, I think it went well. We did have some early morning issues, but our poll managers they stepped up to the cause and they did what they needed to do.”

She says that included a bottleneck in the morning as a particularly high volume of folks tried to vote before work, and longer times at the voting machines themselves as people read through referendums.

Most ballot items were decided on election day, but Smalls said we now wait until the South Carolina office confirms results to see if there will be a runoff for Hilton Head mayor.

If the state elections office confirms there will be a runoff for Hilton Head mayor, early voting for that will take place November 16th, 17th and 18th with Election Day being November 22nd.

Two Congressional seats were included in the lengthy ballot for Lowcountry voters yesterday, as U.S. House Districts 1 and 6 were up for grabs.

In the first district, incumbent republican Nancy Mace defeated her challenger Annie Andrews 56% to 43%, winning by nearly 40,000 votes.

Meanwhile in the second district, incumbent democrat James Clyburn defeated his challenger Duke Buckner 62% to 38%, winning by around 50,000 votes. Our Tyler Manion caught up with Mace today and Clyburn before the election, to see what they’ll focus on in their next terms.

“Those are the kinds of things I’m going to be working on if the people re-elect me... trying to make this country’s greatness accessible and affordable for all of its people,” said Rep. James Clyburn.

“I’ve passed a lot of bills, I’ve reached across the isle and I want to continue that work. That’s everything from civil rights, to veterans’ issues, to our armed services, environmental animal rights, cannabis, the economy, inflation, crime... I’ve worked on a lot of pieces of legislation and I’m going to continue that work,” said Rep. Nancy Mace.