Hampton Co. voters approve referendum to fund new high school

Published: Nov. 17, 2022 at 5:27 PM EST
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HAMPTON, Sc. (WTOC) - Voters in Hampton County have approved a referendum to fund the new high school.

While that’s great news, it might also lead to the solution community members have been calling for since the county lost over $3 million that was supposed to be spent on a recreation complex.

”Of course, we found out that 3.6 million in recreation funds had been misspent by the county council,” said Randy Vaughn, a member of the Hampton County Citizens for Active Restoration.

Since then, new council members have won elections and voters approved a referendum for school funding.

“We can have a new high school; I think voters spoke,” said Dr. Ronald Wilcox, the superintendent of Hampton County Schools.

Community members said it’s the start of a turnaround in Hampton County, and the school district is wasting no time.

“Board of education met this week and they hired LS3P to be our architects for that venture.”

A Tennessee high school will be used as a prototype for the new one coming to a plot of land in Hampton, freeing up the current high schools for different uses once construction is finished.

Folks here aren’t waiting for that to come up with ideas though.

“Our board of trustees has been approached by members of our community, a community group that’s trying to promote Hampton County.”

Randy Vaughn is part of that group, and he brought up something pretty obvious about Wade Hampton High School.

”There’s already a softball field, a baseball field, a football field, track.”

None of which will be in use a few years from now thanks to the newly funded and on the way comprehensive high school but Vaughn has a plan to repurpose the land and its facilities.

“I began thinking about that that might be a site... a site that could save the county money and also provide a recreation complex.”

It’s an aha moment that may just bring a rec area to Hampton County after all. At least, that’s what he’s hoping, as he’s brought it to the school board and the Superintendent believes a meeting to discuss it is on the horizon.

“I think our board of trustees will be very willing to help it become a part of improving our community.”