Savannah woman writes book about her journey with multiple sclerosis

Published: Nov. 17, 2022 at 11:05 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - There are things in life some people take for granted - our mind, body, hands...

What happens when you lose control of all of it?

That’s what happened to Wendy Eugene.

“1987 - I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and as you can imagine that was not on my bucket list.”

It’s probably not on anyone else’s bucket list either.

Eugene works out at Abilities Unlimited every week with her trainer, Jim Chaplin.

She says she was initially diagnosed with a sinus infection. Now, she’s been dealing with MS for more than 30 years...wheelchair bound for at least 20.

“I don’t know what’s worse - do I want my brain or do I want to walk? Right now, I think I’d rather have my brain.”

She started writing it all down, everything that happened to her.

“I used to love racquetball, dance...all of that was stripped away from me.”

And the journals sat in her drawer since 2005, until now. In her published book...

“Reread it and said, ‘all this really happened to me?’”

Even though she held the pen she says God did all of the writing.

“He really wrote it and I don’t know how many people understand when I say that but he really did.”

Somehow the unexpected, the diagnosis that changed her life completely - she says became her testimony.

“Who’s having more fun than me?”

And the title of her book.

“We do say why me sometimes but God makes it work for us we keep trying.”

Eugene says she did not aspire to be diagnosed with MS but she does want to inspire. Encourage people to not let a diagnosis stop them and when it does get hard...

“Even when I’m faithless, he still is faithful.”

Rely on that and maybe after reading her journey, they’ll find the strength to say who’s having more than me.