Savannah business offering two tickets to (Taylor Swift) paradise

Origin Coffee Bar owners will give the tickets away Christmas Day
Published: Nov. 29, 2022 at 1:51 PM EST|Updated: Nov. 29, 2022 at 3:23 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - It’s one of the hottest items on the planet to have right now, a ticket to the Taylor Swift Eras Tour.

But as we know ‘All Too Well’ they’re all sold out, unless you’re looking to spend thousands on resale.

However, ‘Ready for it?’, one local business is now offering to grant some ‘Swifties’ ‘Wildest Dreams.’

Two tickets to her show completely free.

“This is the best Christmas gift we can think of giving for this year,” said Matt Higgins of Origin Coffee Bar.

It’s a gift so rare, you won’t even find it on Amazon.

“We have a giveaway for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour,” said his wife and fellow owner Elise Higgins.

Yes, the Higgins are just as shocked as you are this is possible.

“Like most Taylor Swift fans, we were on the computer right when the tickets went live and failed miserably at getting tickets.”

Then while lamenting about the concert that could have been something ‘Enchanted’ happened.

“We were on the phone with my dad, middle aged man, does not care about Taylor Swift whatsoever, we were telling him how we were so bummed we couldn’t get these tickets. Then he goes, ‘oh, do you want my tickets?’ And we were like, ‘excuse me?’” Elise recalls.

Turns out Elise’s dad is a club member at Ford Field in Detroit and got first dibs, so he figured, why not?

Naturally it was hard for them to ‘Calm Down’

“You have no idea what you have done!” Elise exclaimed. “So, somehow, he acquired tickets and gifted them to us, so we are in turn gifting them to someone else.”

That’s right at a time they could have been all about ‘ME!’ they decided to do something more them.

“Honestly, we love giving things to people,” said Matt.

Not that keeping them didn’t cross their minds

“It was a big conversation,” Matt laughed, but at the end of the day, “in the spirit of Christmas, it’s much better to give than receive,” Elise said.

And they are GIVING, two tickets, round trip airfare and hotel stay in Detroit and all you have to do..

“Follow our Instagram OriginCoffee.Bar, tag a few friends, share it on your story and you’ll find out Christmas day if you win.”

And not even a week in.

“We’ve had thousands of people from all across the US we’ve never met. We figured we’d have people from Savannah maybe some of their friends, maybe 500 comments,” Matt says.

A number they’ve easily reached, along with their fair share of offers.

“We’re not giving into bribes. We know we’re going to be bribed and we have been,” Elise says.

“We’ve gotten some great offers,” joked Matt.

But no offer seems as sweet as the joy they know these tickets will bring someone on Christmas day.

“I know I’m really excited just to see whoever wins and see the look on their face,” Matt says.

“We have so many DM’s of people saying, ‘you have no idea I have cried for Taylor Swift every day of my life!” Elise added.

Matt and Elise say there have been a few scam accounts popping up claiming to be them asking people for credit card info so be aware they will not ask for any private information.

The winner is randomly chosen by a computer program, a process they will live stream.