Work continues on red light at busy intersection in Bulloch Co.

Published: Nov. 30, 2022 at 5:54 PM EST
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BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Drivers in one part of Bulloch County will soon have a traffic light at a very busy intersection.

It comes after years of asking, and more than a year of construction.

Slowly but surely, you see the pieces of the puzzle coming together to install the light at Highway 67 and Brooklet-Denmark. For many neighbors, it’s the “slowly” part that has them frustrated.

“A snail could move quicker than what they’re doing!”

Drivers have waited for this light like they wait every day for a clear spot to cross wondering if it will ever come. Construction started more than a year ago.

“I mean..they do a little bit of work. It stops, then they do a little bit of work,” said Marci Waters.

Georgia Department of Transportation added the red light project after the contractor four-laned this 13 mile road in 2020. They admit it’s seen its share of challenges.

“The major delay with this project was a utility conflict. So we had to wait on the utility company to come and resolve that conflict,” said Jill Nagel with the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Crews have widened both sides to add a third lane for right turns and have finished paving on one side. Nagel says the final steps will be striping the road and hanging the lights. That will be welcomed news to drivers like Marci.

“I think everybody in this community and who passes through here is ecstatic that we’re going to get the light. It’s just ‘when?’”

Nagel says they’ll post message boards about two weeks before the lights go online. She expects that to happen in December.