Shoppers changing their approach to holiday shopping due to inflation

Published: Dec. 11, 2022 at 10:00 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The holiday shopping rush continues with just two weeks until Christmas.

Businesses and shoppers at one local holiday market say that despite high inflation they’re looking to cash in this holiday season.

At Plant Riverside’s Christmas Market sellers are looking to bring in new shoppers.

“It’s crucial. This market is where I meet people from other areas,” Business Owner Gillian Karatassos said.

While buyers cope with high inflation.

“We know it’s tough for some people,” Gary & Martha Hand said.

The latest Producer Price Index shows wholesale rates rose 7 point 4 percent in November compared to that time last year.

Business owners say they’ve gotten more questions this year about pricing.

Including jewelry maker Gillian Karatassos.

“I have definitely seen reservations, lots of great questions, but that also allows for more of a conversation to be had. For me, I have to sleep at night. I want to make sure that everybody is staying in their budget at a comfortable place, so I like to be able to offer a wide range,” Karatassos said.

Some market shoppers say they’re changing their approach to holiday shopping.

“We try to do not as much materialistic as we do memories. We’ve got four grandkids, we try to create memories for the with trips, family outings and things like that,” Hand said.

Despite the change in strategy for some buyers businesses at the market say they haven’t seen a slow down in sales.

“I would say it’s been pretty consistent with what I’ve expected. It doesn’t seem like people are just being frivolous, but they’re really shopping intentionally,” Lyon Roark Owner Amanda Roark said.

As they hope for a good return this holiday season a time of year they say is crucial for their survival.

“They call it fourth quarter, and it’s the time where people are really generous and wanting to buy gifts for people.”

While shoppers try to stay on budget.

“She’s got the checkbook so I have no idea.”