Georgia and TCU fans arrive in Los Angeles for the National Championship Game

Published: Jan. 8, 2023 at 11:52 PM EST
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LOS ANGELES, Calif. (WTOC) - The big city of Los Angeles took on a college-town feel Sunday as more Georgia and TCU fans arrived for the National Championship Game and school spirit made itself known at Playoff Fan Central inside the Los Angeles Convention Center.

And the highlight for fans of both teams were their own pep rallies to get everyone ready for Monday’s game.

“The fanfare is great for fans to get together before the games. It is a great family experience and it gets you in the mindset of hey, we are here to play a game.”

“I think this is important because we are showing our loyalty, our commitment to the University of Georgia, and as a football fan, just for the community of college football, which I have enjoyed all of my life.”

“Just gives a chance to represent and show love for our team, the Georgia Bulldogs. We just have to now bring home that second natty.”

One of the best things Georgia fans saw at the fan fest were more Georgia fans.

There have reports that there might be a majority TCU crown at tomorrow night’s game as they go for their first national championship since 1938 - that could still happen, but it looked pretty even here today.

And a lot of these fans will be at SoFi Stadium Monday night when the Dogs and Frogs play for college football’s national championship.