‘Expect a lot’: Lenny Gunther sworn in as Savannah Police Chief

Published: Jan. 10, 2023 at 10:57 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A room full of people - colleagues, city, and state leaders all coming together to witness Savannah’s new chief of police, Lenny Gunther, get sworn in.

“Friend, when you walk out that door today...you will be chief...the 30th chief in the history of the Savannah Police Department,” said Assistant Chief Devonn Adams.

His command staff shared their personal stories and why Chief Gunther is the right man for the job. Assistant Chief Devonn Adams remembered both of them talking about applying for the position.

“What we wasn’t gonna allow to happen was for someone to come in and run our city.”

Chief Gunther was surrounded by a strong support system, including his mother who said she isn’t surprised he got the job.

“We lift up Jesus Christ every single morning. He can do nothing on his own strength,” said his mother Selma Gunther-Brown.

He reiterated that during his first public remarks as the new police chief of Savannah.

“Undoubtedly, being the chief of police will be the most demanding challenge I’ve ever encountered but it will be the most rewarding. And I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

His mother says his drive started from when he was a kid and since he’s been with SPD, he’s only wanted to keep moving.

“He always set a goal. I used to tell him a man with no goals is no man at all.”

Family is clearly a top priority for the chief as his three kids pinned him each with their own special handshake.

Talking directly to them, Chief Gunther got emotional saying he is paving the way for them.

“This is dad’s legacy.”

After the ceremony, when asked what moved him in that moment, Chief Gunther said, “it’s important for me as a father for my son’s to see that. For me, doing the right thing and it’s important for me to leave them with a legacy that they will continue in their lifetime doing the right thing.”

You can watch the full swearing-in ceremony below: