Fighting your way into a healthier 2023

Local coach explains the benefits of combat sports
Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 8:42 AM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - As we all settle into a new year, WTOC has shown you a few unique ways to get into an exercise routine in 2023. A local combat sports gym coach spoke with WTOC to explain what kind of health benefits it may bring.

It’s a blood-pumping and sweat-inducing workout.

Muhsin Corbbrey, the owner of the Champions Training Center in Savannah said there are several health benefits that come from the sport. That’s because it’s nonstop total body movement.

“There is nothing like utilizing your body and utilizing other people as like your weights instead of picking up weights and doing curls,” said Corbbrey.

He said that there is something for everyone.

Michelle Kerrigan, who moved to Savannah a year ago from Oregon said, although she is far away from home she has a community here.

Her own family is an example of everyone finding something that works for them in combat sports.

“I met many people through here, including my fiancé and my son, so it feels like family,” said Kerrigan.

She says different people coming together to train is what she loves about this style of exercise.

Corbbrey said it’s a more exciting way to get active.

“It’s not that boring, go hit a machine or go just walk on a treadmill it’s a lot more exciting to be in here with a good group of people.”

They say the best part about the workout is getting it done.

Corbbrey said that it’s about being confident and proud of yourself.

“Just getting through one of these workouts and excelling and progressing that it does so much for your confidence and well-being in general,” said Corbbrey.