Bloomingdale city council votes against industrial rezoning proposal

Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 10:54 PM EST
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BLOOMINGDALE, Ga. (WTOC) - About a mile away from Bloomingdale City Hall sits more than 200 acres of land many residents want to keep zoned for housing.

Developers say it would be better utilized as industrial.

But, council denied those developers’ re-zoning request after a packed room made their voices heard Thursday.

“Simply put, this property isn’t suitable for residential and with thousands of acres of undeveloped land in Bloomingdale the question is why hasn’t it developed already?” said a developer.

“He paid taxes all these years and as a property owner and realtor they should be able to do what they want to do within reason,” said a Bloomingdale resident.

Another resident said, “how much longer are we gonna say no, no, no...instead of yes and control the growth.”

The land is zoned residential-agricultural.

Residents against re-zoning say they know they aren’t the only area dealing with many industrial developments coming in.

“It’s inappropriate. Even in other developments in the Savannah area where you see one of these industrial parks. There’s a lot of land around it. This has been shoe horned in there.”

One resident says it’s ruining her peace and quiet.

“We can’t stop a lot of progress. And it’s probably not a matter of if but when cause it’s everywhere.”

All of council voted against the measure.

“Every city should have a place for everything but you should not overfill on one particular thing.”

The denial could result in legal action.

The developers sent the city a letter in November, saying if they were denied, they would appeal and challenge the constitutionality of the city’s zoning classification.

They left before the meeting was over so we were not able to get their reaction to Thursday night’s vote.

The mayor also said since about a fourth of the town is already industrial, they don’t want to push residents out.

Notably, council also voted to lift an industrial moratorium they put in-place last summer.

This proposal pre-dated that ban.