Week three of Alex Murdaugh’s murder trial comes to a close

Published: Feb. 10, 2023 at 10:29 PM EST
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WALTERBORO, Sc. (WTOC) - Week three of Alex Murdaugh’s double murder trial has come to a close.

The former South Carolina Attorney is facing murder and gun charges for the deaths of his wife and youngest son.

The judge in this trial ruled that the jury will be allowed to hear evidence of Alex Murdaugh’s alleged financial crimes. It’s a key part of the prosecution’s case which lead to testimony from some of Murdaugh’s closest business partners.

The prosecution is arguing Murdaugh killed his wife and his son to distract from those suspected money troubles.

“This testimony has been allowed and is being allowed for the limited purpose of assisting the state in proving motive,” said Judge Clifton Newman.

Then Tuesday, the CFO of Murdaugh’s former law firm testified about thousands of dollars in financial fees she claims Alex stole.

“Alright, looking at the second page of the exhibit, what is this?”

“This is the check made payable to Forge for $225,073.46,” said Jeannie Seckinger, the CFO of Murdaugh’s former law firm.

“That went to the fake Forge?”

“Yes,” said Seckinger.

“Did the law firm ultimately have to pay that money back?”

“We did,” said Seckinger.

“Because Alex stole it.”

Also Tuesday, a SLED forensics expert testified that she found a “significant” amount of gunshot residue on the inside of Murdaugh’s rain jacket.

Then Wednesday, another twist in the trial...

“We have to evacuate the building,” said Judge Newman.

An anonymous bomb threat forced a pause in the proceedings. It waslater determined to be a hoax.

Once testimony continued, a paralegal at Murdaugh’s former law firm testified she became increasingly suspicious of Alex in the months leading up to the killings.

She was also another witness to identify Alex’s voice in a video taken by Paul just minutes before prosecutors say he was killed.

“I hear Paul Murdaugh, Maggie Murdaugh, and Alex Murdaugh,” said Griswold.

“And how sure are you?”

“I’m 100% sure,” said Griswold.

Alex has claimed he was never there that night.

The week wrapped up with testimony from the Murdaugh’s family housekeeper who testified that she found what appeared to be the same Khaki’s Alex was wearing in that Snapchat video Paul took hours before his murder.

She said she never saw those clothes again.

“There was like a pink one, a white one, a baby blue in the closet. Don’t remember that shirt being in there,” said Blanca Simpson.

“Did you ever see those house shoes again?”

“No, sir,” said Simpson.

The defense is claiming Murdaugh is a family man who encouraged his employees to put family first.

Murdaugh’s legal team is also disputing the gun residue found in his raincoat saying they didn’t have to be from the night of the murders and could’ve been there for years.

The trial resumes at 9:30 Monday morning.