Maggie Murdaugh’s sister testifies in murder trial

Published: Feb. 14, 2023 at 5:21 PM EST
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WALTERBORO, Sc. (WTOC) - Maggie Murdaugh’s only sibling took the stand Tuesday afternoon. Her older sister Marian Proctor giving powerful testimony.

“I just couldn’t believe it. I didn’t think it was true, I said it has to be a mistake,” said Proctor.

Throughout her testimony there were several things Maggie’s sister said were odd about Alex in the months following the murders... drawing a lot of attention from both sides, starting with Alex’s priorities.

”His number one goal was clearing Paul’s name and I thought that was so strange because my number one goal was finding out who killed my sister and Paul,” said Proctor.

“You’re not critical of Alex for wanting to clear Paul’s name after he was murdered, are you?” asked defense attorney Jim Griffin.

“I am not critical about that at all. I think that was his way of honoring Paul,” said Proctor.

Another big topic was Alex asking Maggie to come back to the Moselle house on June 7th, the night of the murders. Marian says Alex wanted them to go see his parents together as his father’s health declined, but only Alex ended up going to his parents’ house.

“Did it strike you as odd she didn’t go to Almeda with Alex?” asked state prosecutor Creighton Waters.


“Why is that?”

“Because that’s the whole reason she went home last night.”

“You found it odd afterwards that you found out she didn’t?”


“But, knowing that Alex’s dad was not there and he was back in the hospital... it doesn’t really seem that odd anymore does it?”

“Probably not.”

Alex’s father passed a few days later and as the defense pointed out, was receiving medical care away from his home the night Alex and Maggie were supposed to go visit... the night Maggie was killed.

Marian also testified that for a few months after the murders, she feared the murders had to do with the boat crash, but that changed in her mind come September when she heard Alex was shot on the side of the road in an insurance fraud scheme.

The defense says that shooting opens up Pandora’s box and is trying to get further testimony about it excluded from this trial. That’s where the trial pick up Tuesday morning at 9:30 without the jury.