Alex Murdaugh’s alibi questioned in new interview clip

New Alex Murdaugh interview played for the jury
New Alex Murdaugh interview played for the jury(WTOC)
Published: Feb. 15, 2023 at 3:16 PM EST
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COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Alex Murdaugh’s alibi about where he was on the night his wife and son were killed, and when, is a key part of the murder trial.

Throughout the trial we’ve seen two law enforcement interviews of Alex Murdaugh after the murders. One the night they happened, and one a few days later June 10.

Wednesday in court, a third interview was played for the jury.

With the lead special agent in charge of this homicide investigation on the witness stand, the state played a more than hour long interview with Alex Murdaugh from August 11, 2021.

SLED’s David Owen interviewing Murdaugh in the video and testifying in court. Throughout the interview, going back to what Alex had said both on the initial 911 calls and in previous conversations with law enforcement.

”The times aren’t matching up,” Owen said.

We heard references to different topics brought up by varying state witnesses throughout the trial, like why Maggie was at Moselle the night she was killed.

“I since found out she was worried about me and me worrying about my dad and so she came home,” Alex Murdaugh said.

Tuesday, Maggie’s sister testified she was only at Moselle because Alex asked her to be there due to the health of his parents. Contradicting his statement there about only finding out why his wife was at the property after she was dead. The interview continued.

“How long would you say you were at your moms that night,” Owen asked.

“45 minutes, an hour,” Murdaugh responded.

“Had you talked to Shelley Smith at this point,” Owen asked.

“She had been interviewed yes but I had not spoken with her at that time,” Murdaugh said.

You may recognize that name the prosecution just mentioned, Shelley Smith. She testified a few days ago that Alex was only at his parent’s house for 20 minutes the night Maggie and Paul were killed. She said he told her to say he was there for 45 minutes if anyone asked.

“Did you kill Maggie?” asked Owen”

“Did I kill my wife?” said Murdaugh.

“Yes sir.” said Owen

“No David,” said Murdaugh.

“Do you know who did?” asked Owen.

“No I do not know who did,” said Murdaugh.

“Did you kill Paul?” asked Owen.

“No I did not kill Paul,” said Murdaugh.

“Do you know who did?” asked Owen.

“No sir, I do not know who did. Do you think I killed Maggie?” said Murdaugh.

“I have to go where the evidence and the facts lead me,” said Owen.

“I understand that. Do you think I killed Paul?” asked Murdaugh.

“I have to go where the evidence and the facts lead me and I don’t have anything that points to anybody else at this time,” said Owen.

After the interview, that lasted over an hour and a half, finished the prosecution questioning Owen to focus the jury on their main points.

“After this interview, during this interview did you consider Alex Murdaugh a suspect in the death of his son and wife?” asked state prosecutor John Meadors.

“He was the only known suspect at that time, yes.”

The defense argues there wasn’t enough effort to exclude Alex from being a suspect, in this instance referencing the investigative circle.

“You’ve been unable to get him out of the circle, isn’t that right?” asked defense attorney John Griffin.

“That is correct.”

“So if someone’s in the circle and can’t get themselves out, they end sitting over there where he is today. That’s what happens isn’t that right?”

“As long as there’s credible evidence to keep them in that circle yes.”

The state though says the investigation was properly thorough.

“We’re there any other credible leads that you investigated that led you to anybody else beside Alex Murdaugh?”

“Not credible no sir.”

The defense went on to point out that Agent Owen made mistakes in his testimony to the Colleton County grand jury months ago, in the process that decided Alex would be charged with these murders in the first place.

Murdaugh’s attorney suggesting to Agent Owen if he could have made memory mistakes when bringing charges against Alex... shouldn’t Alex be allowed to misremember something in law enforcement interviews as well?

Court wrapped Wednesday and will resume Thursday.