“Greatest Show in Sports” returns to the diamond

The Savannah Bananas kick off their 2023 Banana Ball World Tour Friday
Published: Feb. 16, 2023 at 2:07 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The 2023 Banana Ball World Tour officially gets underway Friday night in Florida.

A moment they celebrated with the release of a new video on their social media pages Thursday done to a hit song from the movie “The Greatest Showman.”

“It is pretty crazy to think that it’s here after all these months of work, but everything is paying off and it’s coming together quite nicely,” said Savannah Bananas Director of Entertainment Zack Frongillo.

A little over four months after making the announcement, the start of the Savannah Bananas ‘Banana Ball World Tour’ is just a day away.

“We are absolutely fired up right now. You can tell there’s a different energy around the office of people buzzing around, coming in and out, getting excited,” Frongillo says.

While Frongillo says they’re feeling confident on what they’re bringing to the field, “the rehearsal process has been awesome!”

They are looking to fill a couple spots.

“Any people who are going to be having a baby in the next few months, or had one that is under 7 months, reach out to us.”

Frongillo says they’re looking for some extra Banana Babies, especially while they’re on the road.

A position that’s highly coveted.

“We’ve been sent pregnancy tests basically saying, ‘we’re pregnant we’re going to have a baby in April of next year can you please get us on the list?’ We have those all the time which is super awesome,” laughed Frongillo.

Aside from Banana Babies, they’re also looking to fill another important role, National Anthem performers.

“We’re looking for the most talented people to be singing our anthems and living up the quality of show that we expect every night here at Graysen Stadium or on the road,” said Frongillo.

While there is an audition process for anthem singers, when it comes to the babies, “we do have a little part on there that says, ‘is your baby cute?’ I don’t think we’ve had a no yet but the minute we do it’s going to be a ‘yes’ from me because I think that’s hilarious.”

But whether you want to be part of the show, or just sit back and enjoy, they believe this tour will bring Savannah a win every single night.

“There’s thousands and thousands of people around the country, around the world for that matter, that are rocking our city name and rock it proudly. We’re just proud to bring it to the people here at Grayson and on the road,” said Frongillo.

The Bananas open their Banana Ball World Tour Friday in Palm Beach Florida.

Their first game here at home is February 25.

Check out there whole schedule here.

To audition for the National Anthem or to be a Banana Baby click here