Investigator explains possible motive behind Bryan County home bombing

Published: Feb. 23, 2023 at 4:00 PM EST
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BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Detectives have more than 80 pieces of evidence in a case against two men accused of bombing a Bryan County woman’s home.

One suspect, Stephen Glosser appeared in court Thursday and was denied bond for a second time. He’s charged with possession and transporting an explosive device with intent to kill, injure or destroy a building and criminal damage to property in the first degree.

Lead ATF investigator Nile Eltzroth described Glosser and the victim’s connection as a quasi-relationship. He says they met through a dating app, but their relationship eventually went south. “They blocked each other,” Eltzroth said.

Then Eltzroth says the other suspect in the explosion, Caleb Kinsey, got involved.

“His roommate and friend, Caleb Kinsey, there was a text message from him to her and then eventually an internet source that we identified as a potential internet source that the number came back to that made comments asking if she wanted to die, that the demons will kill her,” Eltzroth said.

He says Kinsey and Glosser lived together in Savannah and both previously served in the Air Force.

Eltzroth says a witness told investigators they saw a Black SUV leaving the scene of the bombing in a hurry. Investigators say this car belonged to Caleb Kinsey.

After realizing this, Elzroth says they served a search warrant on Kinsey and Glosser’s home and their phones, that’s where they found evidence of explosives.

“They were both posing with the Tannerite, with Tannerite hats on. We also have evidence of 80 pounds of Tannerite being ordered and delivered to the residents,” Eltzroth said.

He says Tannerite is legal but the two mixed it with another compound to make a bomb, which is illegal. They found residue of the substance used to blow up the Bryan County garage in the suspects’ Savannah home.

They also found Glosser’s journal.

“It had in there that he had suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts of wanting to kill (the victim) and had bulk Tannerite to blow up her house.”

Not just her house, Eltzroth says the suspects also talked about blowing up an unidentified courthouse and hurting a former coworker.

After hearing this information, Judge David Cavendar made his decision. “I deny bond,” Cavendar said.

Caleb Kinsey is still being held in a Louisiana jail.

*(Bryan County Sheriff's Office)