‘If only those dogs in the kennel could talk:’ Courtroom attendees share their thoughts after Alex Murdaugh testifies

Published: Feb. 24, 2023 at 10:58 PM EST
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WALTERBORO, Sc. (WTOC) - Alex Murdaugh taking the stand was highly anticipated and it might have changed some minds about whether he’s innocent.

If you weren’t in line at the Colleton County Courthouse before 6:45 a.m., you probably couldn’t get in.

But a group who drove hours to get their ticket to the courtroom answered the question, “will Alex Murdaugh’s testimony make him look innocent or guilty to a jury?”

“I think it will. Today, it was a negative impact.”

“I’m not sure.”

Alex Murdaugh’s testimony made some people like Rhonda undecided about his innocence.

“I’m just surprised at how much he has lied.”

Over the past couple of days, Alex Murdaugh admitted he lied to law enforcement the night of the murders and stole from his clients. The defense took an approach to destroy the credibility he had left.

“The defense doing the questioning was very convincing that he would not hurt them.”

When asked, “what about today?

She said, “today, Creighton had him on the ropes. He was pinning him down on his timeline and that is just the sticking point and all the lies.”

The “why” is what some people in the courtroom are trying to figure out.

“I don’t understand that if you were there, and you don’t have anything to hide, why didn’t you tell the truth?”

She said she’s still not fully convinced either way.

“There are so many unanswered questions and coincidences with all the testimony for the past couple of weeks. I’m leaning more toward this isn’t making sense. There were three people there and now two of them are deceased.”

“If only those dogs in the kennel could talk. I’ve always thought if those dogs could talk we would know everything.”

The state’s cross examination did help make up her mind though...

“After today, I think he’s guilty.”

Aside from his innocence or guilt, all of the details during trial are making some people think of how Maggie and Paul’s lives were taken.

“It’s sad...the whole thing is sad for the family. I feel for the family.”

So going into next week...what can we expect? The defense said at the end of the day Friday, their plan is to call four more witnesses.