Adderall shortage impacting adults, kids in Chatham Co.

Published: Feb. 28, 2023 at 4:30 PM EST
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CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Families are having to go from pharmacy to pharmacy searching for Adderall.

The FDA announced the shortage of the drug in October and it still affecting people in our area.

Many options in the catalog for Adderall that Georgetown Drug Company has to choose from are out of stock and more expensive.

“Each bottle usually has one hundred tablets in it and so some weeks we’re allocated two bottles, some three, some none at all,” said owner Neal Hollis.

A guessing game for Owner Neal Hollis and his team.

“In the long run, it has been better than it was in the beginning.”

He says still many people go to several pharmacies looking for the drug known to treat ADHD and it’s alternatives are also hard to find. He says many of those other options aren’t being made right now.

He believes the shortage comes from a high demand.

“The supply just can’t keep up with that. It’s being prescribed so often now that sometimes we don’t have enough to meet that need.”

Pediatricians say kids are also being affected.

“A kid who does truly have ADD or ADHD and is well controlled on Adderall, without it their symptoms come back. If they’re impulsive they become more disruptive in school. If they have focus issues they can’t learn as well. They can’t test as well,” said Dr. Ben Spitalnick with the Pediatric Associates of Savannah.

Dr. Spitalnick says they hear from frustrated patients multiple times a day struggling to get their prescription. He wants to encourage them not to give up.

“Please reach out to us and please be proactive and look for alternatives. Look for other pharmacies that might have it or check with your insurance formulary to see if there are options that are covered.”

They don’t know when this shortage will end but hope the supply catches up to the demand soon.