More staff will be out-and-about St. Patrick’s Day to help keep city clean

Published: Mar. 10, 2023 at 5:51 PM EST
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - While cleanliness is always a concern on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. For the first time, there will be nearly 70 city marshals in squares along the parade route and several places downtown handing out garbage bags and making sure people aren’t leaving trash behind.

The marshals can also write tickets. The first time you get caught littering, it’s a $50 fine.

After the parade, these marshals will also be making sure you’re following rules like having one to-go cup at a time. They’ll also get the law involved if necessary.

“Of course if they see drunk and disorderly, if they see public urination, our police department partners will be right there in the square with them and that’s when they’ll turn it over to police.”

Tents are allowed as long as you take them home with you. These city marshals will be there to make sure you do.

Another part of their job? To keep vendors in line and answer your questions.

“They’re not just the fun police, they’re there to help. I’ve worked St. Patrick’s Day for many, many years and I can’t tell you the number of people I’ve just helped along the way that need help. They will be identifiable by their shirt.”

Now for your reminders, there will be trash and recycle containers along parade route squares. No Styrofoam is allowed.

Interim Government Operation Chief Gene Prevatt says to even consider taking your trash with you. “We lug all this heavy stuff, coolers and picnic baskets and things like that. How hard is that to pick those things back up? When the goodies are gone put them back in the containers you brought them with and take them home with you,” Prevatt said.

A beautiful event to do your part in keeping our city green.

“If you brought it with you, take it with you.”

In continuing their green initiative, city leaders say they are fencing off the landscaping in squares. They ask people not to enter those areas.