Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Style

Published: Mar. 13, 2023 at 3:20 PM EDT|Updated: Mar. 13, 2023 at 4:02 PM EDT
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Irish fashion is a significant search and shopping trend throughout Savannah during the St. Patrick’s Day season. Local shops have been preparing for months and know exactly what it takes to keep their shelves stocked with the best trends to serve their local communities.

“We’ve been planning what we have in the store for many, many months…and making sure it arrives on time and plenty of sizing options for our customers. We really have a lot of variations in our customers. We have girls in their 20s and 30s coming in for a little bit of a flirty-fun look. Then we have our more mature customer that loves to pair a really fun top with her white jeans or her slacks, and then also, we have a great blazer option. So, we’re fully stocked and ready for a lot of people who will be coming in this week to finalize their looks,” says Emily McCarthy, co-founder and designer of Emily McCarthy & Co.

Dale Parker, owner of J. Parker LTD continues, “We started stocking for St. Patrick’s Day about six or seven months ago, with our green blazer order and we have things in every category, so it takes a little bit of planning, but we’re fully stocked!”

When it comes to representing Irish fashion, these local experts have got you covered! “We have a dressy look, maybe a suit or sport coat for the more sophisticated Irishman that wants to dress up a little bit…for the guys that are in the festivities leading up to the parade. Then we have the real casual guy that may be claiming his square that morning with shorts or a knit shirt, or maybe a t-shirt. We also sell shamrock shorts and pants, embroidered with shamrocks, and then we have a huge selection of golf shirts with shamrocks in all colors,” Parker explains.

“We actually have our own clothing line that we strategically placed a beautiful shade of green for our March collection. We have a lot of solid options, print options, for dresses and tops--so, depending on the weather—or your style. Making sure out prints really work because a lot of our customers love our prints and we made sure to embrace the right color shades there. Layering is important a lot of times it might be a little chilly in the morning, and then it warms up throughout the day. I love a great blazer look over a dress, we have some lightweight sweaters that are a really fun option to add to jeans or a classic oxford,” says McCarthy.

Now, if you’re the last minute type, Parker has, well, a simple suggestion for styling on a budget. “I would say, maybe just wear your own clothes and drink a green beer!”

Moreover, you better be sure you select the perfect shade of green to represent St. Patrick’s Day. According to McCarthy, there’s the perfect one. “Truly the color of a shamrock. You don’t want to be too lime, not too chartreuse. You want that true emerald green.”

Regardless of how you choose to style yourself, for these store owners, there’s nothing better than seeing the community donning the variations of Irish fashion. “I think the parade is such a formal, fun, event and I think that—especially when you’re walking in the parade—you want to put your best foot forward. I love just watching the dresses and outfits that everyone picks out,” McCarthy remarks.

Parker asserts, “Since we missed two of our St. Patrick’s Day parades, we see a lot of people with excitement out there, things are trending more in the dresser area. Women are buying more dresses—they want to get dressed up they’re excite about being back—and we’re on a Friday this year, so I think you’re going to see all sorts of people out and maybe one of our biggest parades ever.”